Some basic information about the

Creating Christmas Craft  Fair

What did last year look like?

What's going on this year?

To give you a preview of what’s coming in 2023; here are some vendors’ “Crafts- in- Process”.

Linda Bizier: Have you ever wondered how a leather purse is made?
  • Lining up the stitching hole
  • Lining up the stitching hole
  • Shaping the purse cover
  • Joining the cover to the front
  • Painting the edge
  • Back of the bag
  • Front of the bag

Sam Sommers: “Here’s what happens with a few wood scraps, some paint, beads and papers”
  • Paint pallet selected
  • Cut and sanded houses
  • Painting begins
  • Adding details
  • Ugly Xmas Sweater Ornaments
  • Driftwood Makeovers
  • Before: Throw away outdoor Light Fixtures: Dusty & Rusted
  • After: Up cycled front door or fireside Decorative Lanterns: Festively Re-adjusted.

Theresa Lepine: “Paper quilling creations in progress"
  • Attaching paper elements to whale
  • Rolling and curling paper
  • Quilling Christmas Cardinals
  • Quilling Christmas Cardinals
  • Manipulating paper elements
  • Manipulating paper elements
  • Manipulating paper elements
  • Quilling layout grid

Anna Leevers: From beautiful wood cuts to beautiful charquterie boards (or There and Back again)
  • Charquterie board in use
  • Sanding a custom order
  • Selecting patterns
  • Gluing & Clamping Charquterie Board
  • Preparing pieces for gluing
  • End grain pieces, glued & clamped
  • Sanded end grain board
  • Oiled end grain board

Megan Hogan: Haven’t you always wondered how soap was made?
  • Whipping up the soap
  • More soap in progress
  • Flamingo soap in progress
  • Pineapple soaps before the cut
  • Pineapple soaps after the cut
  • Saltwater mermaid loaf before the cut
  • Getting ready for Easter
  • Coffee cake soap for the coffee lovers

Jane Worth: What is Jane making now? Her gnomes and Crocheted Critters are so popular with kids!
  • Sections of pieces for something … but what?
  • Detailing a gnome
  • Gnomes in the making
  • Crochet Critters Bunny... hopping over to the 2023 Craft Sale
  • Cactus plants, no watering required!

Liz Inkster: Her Stained Glass Ornaments look beautiful on a Christmas tree; hanging in a window; on a mantel piece arrangement or … where would you put it to catch the light?
  • Swimming Fish
  • Friendly brown horse head
  • Two glass hearts entwined
  • Amber crown?
  • . Green hummingbird
  • Iridescent Dragonfly
  • Breast cancer awareness ribbon
  • Stylized bird

Lillian Ramsden: Sewing Christmas Crafts
  • Sewing in progress
  • Christmas Stockings
  • Christmas Stockings
  • Christmas Stockings
  • Finished Stockings

Hailey Phye: Card & Paper Craft
  • Gathering materials
  • Pieces cut out ready to be detailed and assembled
  • Details added and assembled
  • Final product
  • Additional finished Cards
  • Gift Card card details
  • Inside details of a Gift Card

Donalda Woods: Driftwood & Shell Craft
  • Sample of work
  • Sample of work
  • Sample of work
  • Sample of work
  • Sample of work
  • Sample of work

Lisa Ostrowercha - If you like macramé, here’s a sample of what’s coming.
  • Sample of work
  • Sample of work
  • Sample of work
  • Sample of work
  • Bramble peony hanging
  • Sample of work

Fund Raiser Spring & Fall Teas

“I am happy to say that both our 2023 Fund Raiser Spring and Fall Teas were sold out. Thanks everyone. There will be two more in 2024. Watch this website for information about our February Chocolate Tea. Funds are used for things like handrails; snow and ice removal; blue booties so you don’t have to take off your shoes to come into our house; ads; posters; website; tree; signage; the many small things that make bathrooms, kitchens and indoor spaces work for a crowd, and to put things back in order afterwards. The Fall Tea was so much fun that attendees wanted to show you what they thought of it all by leaping at the chance to have their pictures taken and posted here. Aren’t they a beautiful bunch? The heroic hardworking volunteers in their red and white striped aprons, made sure that each of the three courses and tea pairings made it successfully through the obstacle course of table arrangements to the eagerly awaiting guests. “

How did the Creating Christmas Craft Fair  Come About?

Hi. My name is Sam Sommers. The Creating Christmas Craft Fair began as a “one day when I retire daydream”… that came true.

As I moved into retirement one of my fellow crafter/ work colleagues, a saintly woman who over the years listened to me talk about the kind of craft fair I would love to go to but even better, would love to create. After all, I do live in a log house. She gave me that friendly push to go for it and said she would love to be involved and still is.

So, I got busy and with a lot of help, brought this daydream into reality. In 2017, the first Creating Christmas Craft Fair   came into being as a Pop Up Sale. I thought it was a one off. I thought wrong.

It was popular right away which was both surprising and wonderful. There has been a Creating Christmas Craft Fair  sale every year since, except … well … you know … the 2020 Covid 19 thing.

If you are wondering about how this concept craft fair works … here’s how

As you can see from the photos, the venue is small and we: take environment; Log Cottage Café snacks; crafts: and visitor feedback into consideration as we build the event. Being in a private home, space for tables is limited yet we want to offer customers a good range of crafts so, we are careful not to duplicate. The tables are small (30” x 36”), however, in addition to their table, vendors display their Christmas ornaments on the large Christmas tree where you can pick off the ones you want to buy.

In addition to the artist/crafter table venues and the tree you can enjoy the Log Cottage Café; buy Christmas Crackers, Raffle Tickets and enter the FREE Door Prize Draw. Visitors repeatedly comment on the uniqueness, quality, yummyness and “Wow” factor of this event. Lots to see and do! Come check us out.

Want to become a vendor?

  • All the tables for the 2023 Creating Christmas Craft Fair are now filled. I will know by Sunday Dec 10TH if there are any available spaces for 2024.
  • If you are interested in a table for the 2024 Creating Christmas Craft Fair send me (Sam Sommers) an email to with the subject line: Creating Christmas – Interested in being a vendor, and I will send you some information about how the venue works, what’s expected of a potential vendor, what’s provided for them, and what they need to do to apply.
  • This is done to help an interested vendor decide if they find the business and event concept details a fit for them and if they want to go further.
  • If yes, you will be asked to send pictures of your work, and of how you would display it on a 30” x36” table.
  • If there are spaces to fill the Planning/Vetting committee reviews all those vendors who have provided the requested pictures. We do this to see who best fits our craft criteria and our Creating Christmas Concept. We would set up a face to face meeting with you in late Feb 2024.

Want to become a volunteer?

How New Volunteers Are Selected? I am often approached by people who may not have craft stock but just want to participate in the event by helping out. It is quite a “feel good” experience and visitors really react positively to the setting, crafts, and food so … it’s FUN! Sometimes a person has been making crafts for some time but has never sold them in a craft fair.

Being a volunteer can be a good way to see from the inside how things work. Sometimes a crafter/artisan wants a table but there are no new spots available so they'll ask to volunteer and step in if there is a last minute cancellation. If you are interested in volunteering contact me (Sam Sommers) by email: Put Creating Christmas – Volunteering in the subject line. I will give you more information and answers to your questions.

I have a question

If you have a question about the Creating Christmas Craft Fair, send an email to putting Creating Christmas – A Question, in the subject line. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

The 2023 Creating Christmas Craft Fair

We can’t wait to see you at this year’s Creating Christmas Craft Fair! We are hoping to reach our goal of 200 visitors. We almost make it each year but, not quite. We almost made it last year, even in all that snow. Will this be the year?”

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Contact me via email. I’m happy to answer your questions.


Creating Christmas Craft Fair Poster 2023

Make a day of it! Carpool with a friend or friends and come find all 6 craft sales. Once you get to our Creating Christmas Craft Fair you will be able to:

  • take in a great selection if well priced, unique and well made crafts from 12 local crafter/artists (this is how past customers have described the crafts)
  • enjoy the log cottage Christmassy setting
  • buy ornaments right off the Christmas Tree
  • pick up a few Christmas Cracker/Snappers for some decorating fun for your holiday table
  • pick up a raffle ticket
  • enter your name for free for the door prize draw
  • buy yourself a cuppa tea, coffee, or mulled apple cider and a yummy treat. Washroom available.

Comox Winter Wander Event

Get your google maps out and come find all six sales.

Orange Door Studio - 481 Holly Place
Le Codo Pottery Studio - 421 Sable Place
Enhorning Design - 1671 Comox Ave.
Smitten - 716 Lazzo Rd.
Sleeping Dog & Mermaid Farm - 648 Pine Pit Place
Creating Christmas - 936 Sandpine Cresc.